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Arduino and Raspberry Pi Holder

When you are building circuits and programming your microcontroller, you probably have it sitting on a table, wires going everywhere, and possibly shorting the bottom pins on clipped wire pieces, tools, and other obstructions. It can be a challenge to keep everything tidy and organized, which can cause trouble shooting issues. I’m looking forward to my new organizer coming this week, and I will post video of it in use. It allows me to keep a Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and a breadboard stable and secure. Projects have a higher possibility of working the first time, as I can see better if wires are going where they are supposed to, and have not pulled loose!

Arduino / Pi / Breadboard Base


Here I have my Raspberry Pi 3, a Sainsmart Arduino UNO, and a Arduino WiFi / SD Card Shield mounted with a breadboard and a RPi I/O breakout adapter. A great setup for Linux, Apache, mySQL and PHP (LAMP) database storage and web presentation of Arduino connected sensors. I combined this with a CanaKit Raspberry Pi Starter Kit.

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Steve Spence
6 years ago

I wish that blue board had screw holes for a adafruit feather esp8266 …..


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