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Arduino Intermediate Model Railroad Projects

Want Arduino projects for your Model Railroads? Learn about object / block detection sensors, signaling, servo control, inter-Arduino communications, JMRI integration, speed measurement, turntable indexing and sound projects. All code and schematics included, as well as step-by-step instructions. Arduino Intermediate

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Flyback Diodes

Flyback Diodes are used with inductive loads like dc motors and relays. Lets use a relay for an example. A common relay has a 12v 120 ohm coil. In use it draws .1 Amps. When you turn off the power,

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Build a $200 Computer for Christmas

Do you want to learn Computers, Electronics, and Programming? For the last 40+ years kids and adults alike have been building their own computers instead of buying prebuilt, preloaded systems. Times have changed, and so has hardware and software. Some

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Python: Floating Point vs. Decimal

In our Arduino projects (programmed in C/C++), we often use a Raspberry Pi for collecting data, and the Python programming language. Math with floating point is inherently risky, because a decimal number does not store exactly in binary. in python,

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