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6 Channel Infra Red Transceiver Sensor Board

Calling all Model Railroaders (ok, it’s not just for Model Railroading)! Remember our Scale Speedometer and Crossing Light project? We used IR transceivers in the track to detect a train passing overhead. Perfect for block detection and other projects. We are releasing a 6 channel IR sensor board (fully populated) for use with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PIC and other microcontrollers. Comes with all components, including the 6 IR transceivers wired to 6′ cords. All connections are screw terminals for ease of use. Each phototransistor has a potentiometer for adjusting sensitivity. Operates at 5v or 3.3v (select which version). Comes with sample code for Arduino.

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Voltage Options

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Savio Rebello
4 years ago

Where do I order the board from?


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