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Whole House Energy Monitor

Our board design for the whole house energy monitor just went to production, boards should be here in about 2 weeks (See update). We made this a through-hole design for ease of assembly (kit version) and modification. Complete kit consists of the circuit board, 2 current transducers, 1 drop down transformer, screw terminals, and a handful of resistors and capacitors.

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All that is needed is a Arduino and a Ethernet or WiFi board to transmit readings (amps and volts recorded, watts and watt hours are calculated) to our hosted (or your own) database so that the user can log in and see their daily, weekly, monthly and yearly consumption. We have discussed how to monitor whole house power and energy previously at, and sent out a couple of hand soldered perf board prototypes, but now have a professional solution which will be available in bareboard, kit, and finished versions. The data is stored and displayed on a hosted or optionally, a local server (Raspberry Pi). We have also discussed building your own web / database part of this solution at

Thanks to and Scott Quirk for making this project possible!

On the parts kit, let us know if you have a 5v or 3,3v controller.
You supply the Arduino and ethernet shield.

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