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The Simple Way to Create a Raspberry Pi Boot SD Card

You probably have read instructions about burning images and special software needed to create the sd card to boot your Raspberry Pi, but none of that is needed. Grab a 8GB+ SD Card, and follow along with this simple, easy tutorial:

On your Windows, Mac, or Linux PC, go to and download the NOOBS Offline and network install zip file. It’s about 1 GB in size, so this could take a bit. Go make a cup of coffee while you wait!

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After downloading, extract the zip file to your new or freshly formatted (FAT32) sd card. Do not create a new folder.

Once finished, insert the sd card into your Raspberry Pi, connect power, HDMI video, (optional network cable) and keyboard/mouse and you are off and running. Just follow the Pi’s onscreen install instructions.

Accessories we use and recommend are:

Logitech Wireless Keyboard / Mouse Combo 
Edimax Wifi USB
2.5 amp USB Power supply
16GB SD Card
HDMI Cable

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