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Arduino OBD-II Vehicle Diagnostics

A buddy of mine wants insight into how his vehicle is performing as he drives. He sent me a ArduinoDev ODB-II interface (model B) and said “figure it out”. So here we go! We will be exploring the onboard features in future posts, and hopefully some of the options available for this interface.

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Let’s start with what’s included:

  • Directly pluggable into vehicle’s OBD-II port
  • Serial data interface (UART or I2C)
  • Regulated DC 5V output (300mA for model A, 1A for model B, powers the Arduino)
  • Accessing all OBD-II PIDs available in the vehicle ECU
  • Embedded MPU6050 accelerometer, gyro, and temperature (model B only).
  • SD Datalogger Shield
Optional ports for a GPS and OLED Display. There is a bluetooth version as well, but this model doesn’t have that.


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