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Participate in our Smart Meter Trial

We are building a Arduino based smart meter, and are looking for participants to help fill the database with power usage data. All we ask is that you cover the basic costs of the meter system, and we will give you a web login that allows you to see your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly power usage. “Currently” the system requires a ethernet connection to your broadband router, but wifi is coming soon. The complete package comes with:


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Arduino UNO
Ethernet shield
power sensor board
two snap on 120A current transducers
9vac wallwart
Proto Screw Shield

The current transducers clip over your main power leads into your power box and the small wall transformer measures voltage and powers the Arduino. The total cost is $120 + $14 S&H (US), and you get free power monitoring / data access on our upcoming website and with Apple and Android Apps. Email Steve Spence if you are interested in participating or order below!

Off Grid versions are also available.

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