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I’ve been a fan of Packt Publishing technical books for a long time. I’ve purchased quite a few volumes for my Arduino and Raspberry Pi library, and even had the honor of being a technical editor. Now you can get a years access to their complete library of titles:

With PacktLib subscription service, you have access to every single book in Packt’s huge library of over 3,000 strong eBooks and videos, especially the latest releases that are available as soon as they’re published. All you have to do is set up a subscription here to get access to the whole service for a full year.

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I value my subscription and the great breadth of research available to me on my computer and Kindle. It’s hard to put a price on such a resource, and fortunately, Packt put a affordable one on this.

I’m building Chapter 4. Arduino Security Camera with Motion Detection from “Internet of Things with Arduino Blueprints”

“Security is a concern for everyone. If you want to capture and record any activity within your home or office for security purposes, thousands of security camera models are available to fulfill the task. You can, however, make your own security camera, complete with Internet feedback and motion detection, and you can also access the camera images from your mobile’s browser from anywhere in the world.”

How to use TTL (Through The Lens) Serial Camera directly with NTSC video screen.
How to connect TTL Serial Camera to Arduino and Ethernet Shield.
How to capture images with TTL Serial Camera.
How to create Flickr and Temboo accounts and configure with Arduino Ethernet Shield.
How to upload images to the Flickr using the Temboo cloud service.
How to capture images with built-in motion sensor and upload them to the Flickr.

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