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My Favorite eReader – Kindle Paperwhite

Why am I talking about eReaders on a microcontroller site? Well, 5 years ago I had a house fire, and lost my 3000+ title library. I lived in an RV for a couple of years after, and did not have room for a lot of books. That’s when I got my first Kindle. I’ve been through several generations of Kindles now, and my newest is the 300 PPI Paperwhite ($129)

This one is very different. The first thing you notice is the backlit screen, no more need for cases with built in lights, or external lighting. The next thing I noticed was the improved readability. A new font (bookery) that is much easier on the eyes. The 6″ screen means it’s easy to hold in one hand, and change pages by swiping my finger forward or back.

So, how does this tie in with Microcontrollers?

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The complete collection is searchable, so all my Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Python, PHP, MySQL, etc. content is available at a few finger presses. Makes it easy to find what I need to make any new project.

There are other improvements, but these are the ones that stand out for me.

I did get a nice case for it. The Kickstand Case Cover ($14.99) protects my Kindle well, has a built in stand and stylus, and automatically turns on my Kindle when I open it. Highly recommended.

Solar charge your kindle / tablet / cell phone –


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