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Programming the Leixen VV-898 with CHIRP

Previously I posted about manually programming the new Leixen VV-898 from Radioddity, and tonight had the opportunity to program the radio using CHIRP and the programming cable Radioddity just sent me. I downloaded CHIRP, plugged in the cable, and downloaded the settings from my radio. I made a couple of changes, and uploaded the changes back to the radio. What follows are the steps I took, and a video of my setup. Enjoy!

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  • Install the CHIRP software
  • If you get a message that the software may not have installed properly, just override and click the button to tell it that it did.
  • Plug in usb cable into the computer, wait for prolific driver to install (can take a few minutes). then plug the other end into the radio (microphone jack)
  • Now run the chirp program (it will be on your programs menu)
  • Click “Radio” on the menu, and choose “Download from radio”
  • You will be asked for the port number, vendor (Leixen), and the model (VV-898). click ok.
  • A “cloning from radio” progress bar pops up.
  • When it’s done, the radio will play a  tune, and a spreadsheet of your settings will show.
  • Make changes per your repeater requirements.
  • Click radio on the menu, and upload your changes back to the radio.

Official CHIRP Documentation –


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rodney pickering
rodney pickering
3 years ago

i get a message from chirp on 2 leiven vv898 radios that says the radio refuses to download. what am I doing wrong? how do i program from the front panel? rodneypickering7@gmail.con ty

GPS Guru
GPS Guru
2 years ago

In VFO mode, enter the freq and settings you wish to use. Then go to the Menu and select CHASave. This will allow you to select which channel number to save the frequency + settings. The channels between memory bank A and B are separate, so if you are in VFO on the top bank, you can only save to memory A.

Robert (KN4LRC)
Robert (KN4LRC)
4 years ago

Is it possible to remove a saved channel from the memory via the front panel, or do I need to use the CHIRP program ?

GPS Guru
GPS Guru
2 years ago

To delete a channel, switch to the channel, then turn off the radio. Power on the radio while holding the M button and then let go after 2 seconds. The Reset menu will appear. Select DEL CHA, then press the M button again to delete the channel. The radio will reboot and the channel will be deleted. It’s important to note that this function always deletes the last active channel, so make sure you’re on the channel you want delete before you power off to reach the Reset menu.


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