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Arduino Networking

As much fun as it is connecting sensors to an Arduino, and displaying data on a LCD, lighting LED’s, or other local actions, the real power is when you connect to a network. Whether it’s a local network and you are communicating between them or collecting data in a central database (Raspberry Pi), or connecting to the internet and contributing local weather data to a server, or broadcasting data with email or Twitter, even pulling down information like emails, tweets, or scraping other websites for data for local display, there’s a lot of fun to be had.

One book that explains how this all works, and gives you easy to replicate (and understand) projects is “Arduino Networking” by my friend Marco Schwartz. This book delves into the abilities of network connectivity, explaining how and why it works, and leaves your mind swirling with new applications, and the ability to execute them. It’s a must have on any maker’s shelf!

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Communicate with Marco at his Forum “Open Home Automation” on G+

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