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Web Based Weather Server Version 2

I have added a Barometric Pressure Sensor to our Web Based Weather Station, and added calculations for Heat Index and Dew Point. You can read about how to build the Weather Server at and I will be adding the new features to that Instructable.

I had to connect the sensor shield with jumper wires, as it did not play nice with my old Ethernet Shield. I will have to notch the Protoshield to avoid hitting the Ethernet Connector. The Ethernet Shield does not work stacked on top of the Protoshield, as it appears to use the  ICSP Header.

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5 years ago

Love the project.
I would like to replicate this project for my chicken coop but would like to be able to measure temperatures inside and outside the coop.

I have some ds18b20 temp sensors currently, could one or more of those be used in place of or in addition to the dht sensor you are using?

What changes to the sketch would need to be made?
Thank you


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