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The Baofeng GT-3 Operational Review

Update! Added the $11 Nagoya NA-771 Antenna, and can cleanly hit the Murrell’s Inlet SC Repeater, 30 miles away!

This is not a review about the flashlight, the siren, or even the FM radio built into this Dual Band Ham Radio. It’s not a review about the fact you can receive weather frequencies, or use the FRS/GMRS bands, or even the cool accessories that come with the radio. It is an operational review of the 2m/70cm abilities of this Ham Radio. Like how to access a repeater, and how to talk direct to another Ham Radio.

Now some have complained that it’s hard to seat the radio into the charger, but after 5 tries, and actually looking at how the unit does seat, it’s quite easy to get it into the right spot.

Others have complained that with the backlight off you can’t read the screen. My opinion that it’s still legible, but does depend on lighting conditions. A press of any key brings the light right back on.

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Operationally, it’s very similar to the UV-5R series, but with upgraded electronics, it reaches father, and clearer.

I’ve been using this radio for about 3 weeks, and communications are crystal clear, battery life is fantastic, and it sits in the hand perfectly.

I’ve included the instructions we have worked out for programming a repeater below.

If in Channel Mode, Press VFO for Frequency mode
Press A/B Button to go to the top line (arrow points up)
Enter Receive Freq (ex. 146.805)
Press Menu 13 Menu
Enter CTCS Tone (ex. 85.4)
Press Menu (confirmed), then Exit

Press Menu, 27, Menu
Enter your Memory Channel (ex. 001)
Press Menu (receiving memory), then Exit
Enter transmit frequency (ex. 146.205)
Press Menu, 27, Menu, channel number (ex. 001), Menu (transmitting frequency), then exit
Press VFO (channel mode), A/B to bottom line, and arrow keys to new channel (ex. 1)

To get this fantastic, and inexpensive Ham Radio, see

Stay “tuned” for our review of the new RT Systems Programming software and cable for this radio!

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