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Digital Soldering / Desoldering Station

I was able to play with the new Weller WXD 2020 Soldering / De-soldering Station today. I’ve been using de-soldering tools almost all my life, but none of them compare to this one. 8 pin relays just fell out of the board by themselves, and new ones slipped right in the perfectly clean holes. This truly is an amazing machine!

Touch screen, “Ipod” type shuttle, and two programmable settings for both soldering and de-soldering. 1/4″ air line to connect to shop air.  Adjustable air delays to make sure all the solder is removed and the “sucker” stays unclogged.

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New WXD soldering and desoldering system has an array of configurable features.

WXD2 Soldering/Desoldering Station
This new addition to the WX series provides maximum temperature precision and optimal performance in load situations. 255W digital soldering/desoldering station can operate two 120W irons simultaneously, and is compatible with all WX series tools. Liquid crystal graphic display with wheel and click navigation. Modular flexibility lets you expand and control up to two peripheral devices like fume extractors or heating plates. External compressed air input with built-in pressure sensor maintains stable desoldering vacuum. Built-in multi-purpose USB port. Configurable settings include temperature, LCD contrast and brightness, language, password, screensaver, standby temperature and sleep time.

WXDP 120 Desoldering Iron
Energy saving, cost-effective 120W desoldering iron reaches operating temperature in 35 seconds. Bayonet fitting of the disposable solder cartridge means quick and easy changes, without the risk of burns. ON/OFF switch located in ergonomic hand grip. Temperature range: 150 – 850°F (50 – 450°C).

I am very impressed with this equipment, and it will greatly reduce time on task, and damage to boards.

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