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Arduino & Model Railroading: Io:duino



The Io:duino is designed for DIY model railroading, combining the power of NMRAnet and open-source tools. Fully Arduino-compatible, Io:duino makes it easy to design your own digital controls, for layout automation, lighting effects, even controlling your trains via DC or DCC.*
Even better, Io:duino’s built-in Controller Area Network (CAN) support makes it a great tool for hacking your automobile, or for home automation.**
Io:duino is built around the Atmel AT90CAN128 processor, whose 128KB of program space, 4KB of SRAM, and 4KB of EEPROM are just the icing on the cake. This processor has built-in hardware support for the CAN and NMRAnet networking protocols, without sacrificing any of the digital I/O pins.
Arduino compatibility means you have immediate access to hundreds of add-ons called shields, empowering you start building without any additional tools. And it’s easy to write and upload your own custom software over USB.
Like all Railstars products, Io:duino includes a No-Questions-Asked 3-Year Warranty!
Retail Price $90. Available from an Railstars Authorized Dealer or the Railstars Web Store.
*Requires additional hardware, such as a digital power station like RAILbooster, or a motor shield like Ardumotor, not included.
**Requires cable adapter and additional software libraries, not included.

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