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4 Pin DIN Security Camera

I needed to know the pin designations on a small home security camera that was given to me. This post actually has little to do with the Arduino directly. I’m building a Arduino based security system, and this camera was given to me, so I decided to include it.

It has no name, only the model number (080800-24t) and uses the OV5116 camera chipset. I searched the net, but could not find an full explanation. I did find pieces of info from several sources, so I thought I’d put it all together in one place in case someone else was also looking.
It turns out it’s from a “Homeland Security” brand camera and monitor set that was being sold at Walmart around 2001. It has a small 4 pin DIN type plug, and the wires are red/white/yellow/black. The camera has 6 IR (night vision) LEDs and a mic…

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1. White (Audio)
2. Yellow (Video)
3. Black (Common Ground)
4. Red (+12vdc)
It’s a Black and White Model. Reportedly the “Night Vision” portion barely works on these and the picture isn’t very clear even during the day…
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Babyish Care
6 years ago

They build solar and wind power solutions, and use microprocessors for monitoring and control. They also design server room environmental and security monitors. The inexpensive units can make “intelligent” decisions based on what the sensors are telling them. They can also communicate what they are seeing remotely using the Internet or RF.


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