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Making Thing Move: DIY Mechanisms for Inventors, Hobbyists, and Artists

There comes a time when you’d like your Arduino to do more than just sense the environment around it, and light lights or display data on a LCD display. There comes a time when you like to move items, with motors, hydraulics, pneumatics, etc. Unless you are a mechanical engineer, you may not know how to determine the right size motor to develop the torque and hp for a particular task. I bought “Making Things Move”, and was blown away by the way the author makes concepts of force, resistance, and work simple to understand, calculate, and implement. This reference is a must have for your bookshelf or Kindle.

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13 years ago

Did you get the Kindle or the paperback version. I'm trying to decide if I should bit the bullet and spring for a Kindle.


Steve Spence
13 years ago

Kindle (was given a k3 wifi/3g for Christmas). I lost all my books in a house fire recently, and don't have room for a library in my camper.


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