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Garduino Upgrade, Now with more Twitter!

I found a new Instructable that’s pretty amazing. Lot’s of Arduino goodness!


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A couple months ago I came across two great instructables. The first was the Garduino, an arduino controlled garden to help you grow plants at home. The second was the Tweet-a-Watt, a project that teaches you how to monitor your home power usage using Xbees and Twitter. I read about both these projects here at Instructables and in Make Magazine, Vol 18.

I thought it would be great to combine both these projects and build myself an indoor garden that I could monitor from work via Twitter. Thus began an adventure in gardening and electronics that taught me a lot and took me much longer than perhaps it should have. Fortunately for you I’m going to write down all the steps so you can get started right away. Maybe you’ll follow up with this project and upgrade your garden or use this as a guide to start on a similar project. Either way, I hope you’ll let me know what you get up to.

If you’re ready then head to the next step and begin the process!

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