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Remote control the Arduino from the web!


This project is very inspiring! It is an Arduino project that has two LEDs on green and one red that are controlled via a local web server (AKA my Mac’s Apache Server). The web server is hosting a PHP script that has a user interface. When I click a link it sends a command to the Arduino board to turn on or off each LED. The Arduino board must be connected to the computer that has the web server on it for this to work. The PHP code is open source as well as the library/class that I have used.

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13 years ago

Very cool. Can you monitor the states of the LEDs? Could be handy for say, a manual button that toggles them, or web interface to toggle.

Steve Spence
13 years ago

sure can. you do a digitalread, then check for a transition by saving the value in a variable. you'll want to debounce the switch with a 1000ms delay. pages 42-51 of Getting Started with Arduino (Make: Projects)

11 years ago

I love arduino. I have yet to get started with my projects but bought 4 books of various languages to make this a smooth transition. Will be buying senors and supplies in the next couple of weeks!

11 years ago

Hello arduino friend!!!Very nice project!I have make a similar project.Look my site .


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