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Barometric Pressure, Real Time Clock, and Mega 2560 Woes

Today is Arduino day. First off, I grabbed the new BMP085 module from Sparkfun, and modified the examples to talk to my lcd instead of serial output. It’s displaying

“Temperature -2678 Pressure 52029”

which can’t be right, so I whipped off a email to Sparkfun tech support for some guidance. Then I grabbed the DS1307 real time clock module from Sparkfun, and again changed the code to display on my lcd (what’s with all the serial output code folks? I don’t want to have my laptop up just to see the time). Got

0:0:0 0/0/0

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which also isn’t right. Found a website which claimed their code works with lcd, so I uploaded their sketch. My pin 13 LED started flashing, and now can no longer upload code to my Arduino Duemilanove 328P. All I get is

“avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding”

I rebooted my laptop, and no change. Ok, time to pull out the new Arduino Mega 2560. Oh, wait! No, that requires IDE version 0020, which isn’t available for linux yet.

I’m going to go watch some tv ……

Update: 20 minutes after I posted this, The folks at Arduino posted version 0021 of the IDE, which includes the linux version. Yeehaw!

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