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DFRobotShop Rover Now Available at

RobotShop Distribution Inc. Partners With DFRobot To Release the “DFRobotShop Rover”, a Versatile, Tracked, Arduino-Compatible Platform

RobotShop Distribution Inc. announces the new DFRobotShop Rover is in stock and ready to ship. The DFRobotShop Rover was a joint project between DFRobot and RobotShop to create a low cost Arduino-based and shield compatible tracked platform.

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The Arduino microcontroller has been around for many years and is exponentially increasing in popularity because of its straightforward design, features, price and ease of use. RobotShop had been selling the Arduino microcontroller for many years, but had not seen a commercial mobile robot that incorporated it into its design. In 2008, RobotShop released the “RobotShop Rover”, also a tracked platform kit, which included a standard Arduino Duemilanove microcontroller. The DFRobotShop Rover continues this trend by including all the features of a standard Arduino Duemilanove with the parts essential to creating a tracked robot into a minimalist design.

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