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Pneumatic Controls

Need to control a pneumatic cylinder? We use low voltage compressed air cylinders at work, and that gave me the idea for some cool steampunk style pneumatic controls. The Arduino can use a relay to activate the solenoid on the

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The Arduino Web Server

One of my goals for the weather station and energy monitor is to be able to access it remotely. The best way I figure is the universal front end, a web browser. this requires me to interface a ethernet interface,

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VW Diesel Governor Control

Although this project is for a firewood processor, it would work similarly for a diesel generator. A Arduino processor controls a servo connected to the throttle linkage. Run the VW (or Mercedes, Kubota, etc.) Diesel engine on used filtered vegetable

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Weather Station Receiver

One of our planned projects is a home weather station. We have looked at various temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure sensors. I have been considering how to make a self emptying rain sensor, and wind speed and direction sensor (important

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Arduino Makes Great Robots

If your interests lie in the robotics arena, the Arduino is a good choice for you. The folks at the Robot Shop have a good selection of resources to introduce the newcomer, or further educate the experienced robotics nut, especially

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The Brick Environment

Arduino Bricks are the Lego’s of the Arduino world. Plug and play modules of various sensors with a special shield (piggy back module) that sits on top of the Arduino. These consist of switches, sensors, relays, and many more modules

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