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ESP8266 Breakout Board

The bare ESP8266 chip is cheap, but has non standard pin spacing, and isn’t easy to work with. There is a “Bread Board Friendly” breakout for it, but it has a couple of quirks. 1. It’s wide enough that it

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Coulomb Counting and Amp Hours

Do you need to know how much Energy a device is consuming? How about producing? Maybe you want to keep track of how much juice is left in a battery pack? Now you can know! Cliff Note version: Take a

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The ESP8266 doesn’t have EEPROM?

Unlike the Arduino AVR based controllers, the ESP8266 does not have a dedicated EEPROM. We can however use a bit of flash memory as a emulated EEPROM, and we can use the Arduino EEPROM library to do it. Using the

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APRS Transmitter

The HX1 is a low-power amateur radio transmitter set to a fixed frequency of 144.390 MHz. In North America, this frequency is used for the Automatic Packet Reporting System, or APRS. APRS is a standard used by amateur-radio operators to

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Arduino connected Micro Epsilon Laser Micrometer

With the success of our Igaging / Mitutoyo and Harbor Freight digital measuring devices projects, now it’s time to turn our attention to the Micro-Epsilon Laser Micrometer, optoCONTROL 2600. There are several types of outputs, including analog, digital RS-232 and

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RPM into MPH? Building a Anemometer!

I’m building an anemometer to measure wind speed. I’m building the typical 3 cup style anemometer, and using a hall effect sensor (digital, non-latching) to trigger an arduino (or esp8266). It’s a open collector unit (output pulls low when triggered

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