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Month: August 2017

Arduino / Relay Interference

Symptom:  You have a relay connected to your Arduino, and after a while your Arduino stops running. That’s not supposed to happen, these things loop forever, right? It’s a common issue when running inductive loads from a Arduino controlled relay.

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2 Channel IR Interface

Recently we produced a 6 Channel IR interface for IR transceivers like the TCRT5000 pairs. Lots of Model Railroading and other object detection applications. Now we have the less expensive 2 channel version available. Same code, same components, just less

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Harbor Freight Caliper Interface

Did you know the inexpensive Pittsburgh / Chicago Tool / Harbor Freight Calipers (4 pin dataport under battery cover) have a digital interface? We can read that interface with an Arduino, just like we do with the Mitutoyo / Igaging calipers

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Setting up a Mosquitto MQTT IOT Broker

Ever want to view / control devices at home while on the road? As part of our IoT initiative, I have set up a broker based on Mosquitto. Mosquitto uses MQTT, a publish and subscribe mechanism that avoids the necessity

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