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Month: June 2017

6 Channel Infra Red Transceiver Sensor Board

Calling all Model Railroaders (ok, it’s not just for Model Railroading)! Remember our Scale Speedometer and Crossing Light project? We used IR transceivers in the track to detect a train passing overhead. Perfect for block detection and other projects. We

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Transistor Sizing Calculation

Two common ways of using a transistor is as an analog amplifier, or a digital switch. We are most interested in the digital switch mode of a transistor in our projects. Many times, an Arduino, or other microcontroller, is not

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ESP8266 BME280 Weather Station

One of our favorite new toys is the ESP8266 WiFi module. A very powerful microcontroller in it’s own right, it’s easily programmed with the Arduino IDE, and uses the same code we have come to know and love. Update: Now

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Logic Level MOSFETs, IRL or IRF?

If you need to switch a dc load, a MOSFET is a very useful component. Typically carrying much more current than a standard transistor, and better performance characteristics, like a high impedance gate that draws very little current. BJT’s are

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