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Month: December 2016

Arduino Cousins Rejoined in 1.8.0

The two forks of the Arduino IDE have been rejoined into one. No longer are there separate IDE’s from Arduino.cc and Arduino.org. Boards from both companies and new additions from Adafruit are supported. This is great news for the Arduino

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The Pixel OS Controversy

There’s been a lot of “news” about the Raspberry Pi Foundations new Pixel OS. Lets dig in and take a look at what the hubbub is all about. First of all, contrary to much of the misinformation by the BBC,

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Arduino Model Railroad Animation

As part of my journey looking for new projects for the club layout, I just finished a book called Arduino Model Railroad Animation. It covers using servos to operate semaphores, water tank, cranes and other trackside accessories. This is a

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