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Month: October 2015

Happy 46th Birthday, Internet!

46 years ago today was the first remote transmission between two computers using TCP/IP. You have come a long way baby! In the glow of a green monochrome screen deep in the bowels of the computer science department at UCLA,

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Arduino Ethernet Cable Tester

As a network engineer, I never go anywhere without my Ethernet cable tester. That and a audible cable finder (fox & hound) are invaluable for finding and testing cable pairs. Today I’m showcasing a Arduino Ethernet cable tester. This tester

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Temp / Voltage Without Sensors

The Arduino UNO (and 328 clones) has the ability to report the rail voltage and temperature of the chip. You don’t need any additional wiring or sensors, just the Arduino itself. The temperature is not very accurate, and reports in

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Arduino Flood Level Monitor

Since half of South Carolina is under water, and the levels keep increasing each day, I decided to modify our fuel and cistern fluid level project to a flood level monitor. We start with a eTape level sensor from Milone

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Simple Seven Segment LED Displays

Seven Segment LED’s are a common method of displaying data. With 8 datapins, they are also complicated to wire up, as each LED needs a Arduino pin and a resistor. With a library, we can simplify the wiring, and the

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