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Month: August 2015

What good are Shift Registers?

Everyone eventually runs into the problem of running out of I/O pins on the Arduino, and the Raspberry Pi. A shift register is a chip that can give you 8 or more additional I/O ports, while only using 3 ports

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Using a 3×4 Keypad

Ever want to use a 3×4 Keypad? These keypads from Adafruit can be used for numeric data entry or for access control for a security system. Our example allows you to input a multiple digit entry with a “enter key”

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Arduino / MySQL Connector Improvements

There have been some exciting improvements in the Arduino direct to MySQL communications. As a recap, this library allows a Arduino Ethernet or WiFi shield enabled Arduino to directly make SQL INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE, and SELECT queries, no intermediary code

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Measuring Wind Speed with an Arduino / Anemometer

A while back, we got a set of weather sensors from Sparkfun. It includes a Anemometer (speed), Wind Vane (direction), and a Rain Gauge. I used a hand held wind speed device to calibrate my Arduino code. I’m using pinMode(2, INPUT_PULLUP);

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