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Month: July 2015

USB Rechargeable Mega Bright 3w Flashlight

Want a DIY painfully bright rechargeable flashlight? Look no more, as here is one bad darkness kicker! I took a Nokia cellphone battery,combined it with a USB LiPo charger, a switch, and a few resistors, with a massive 700ma, 3.3v

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433 MHz Wireless Arduino

Today I took a $3 433 MHz transmitter / receiver pair, and sent a string of characters 20′ from one Arduino to another. This could be useful for weather sensors, security alarms or remote control, etc. There are only 3

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The Raspberry Pi and a Neo-6M GPS

  Previously I have posted tutorials on how to interface a GPS to an Arduino, but this time I wanted to use a Raspberry Pi. Here is an easy and inexpensive Instructable I have posted, and expansion into other projects

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Arduino ACS712 Current Sensor

The ACS712 is a very easy to use bi-directional current sensor. It comes in 5, 20, and 30 amp versions, and there’s only one line of code that needs to be changed depending on which unit you have. This sensor

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Solar Powered Arduino Projects

Do you have a wireless project, but wonder how to keep it powered? Wonder no more, as we demonstrate a solar powered / charged Arduino solution. Parts: Arduino UNO Adafruit Power Boost 500 Shield Adafruit 2000 mAh LiPo battery Adafruit

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