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Month: May 2015

555 Timer Projects

Why did I order twenty 555 bipolar timers? Because they were $5.97 with free shipping. Now what do I do with them? Monostable mode: in this mode, the 555 functions as a “one-shot”. Applications include timers, missing pulse detection, bounce

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Perfuino, the Arduino for Prototypers

Yes, it’s another barebones Arduino, but the additional prototyping space makes it a unique and very handy board to have. The Atmega328 is socketed, so if you do something crazy, you are back in business for under $5. At a

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Ham Radio Shield for Arduino

Would you like a complete 2m / 1.25m / 70cm ham radio that connects like a shield to an Arduino? Can be used with a Raspberry Pi as well. Onboard Lipo charger / controller also powers your Arduino. Make your

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Reading a Current Shunt with an Arduino

Current shunts are very popular with the Ham Radio, boating, electric vehicle and solar / wind off grid folks, as they allow them to monitor solar and wind power production, power consumption of devices, and the estimated amp hours left

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The New Bosch BME280 (Temp, Humidity, BMP)

Bosch has a new, very accurate all in one sensor chip that does Temperature, Humidity, and Barometric Pressure readings. It’s called the BME280. Embedded Adventures has put that chip on a handy breakout board with signal conditioning (MOD-1022) and priced

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