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Month: March 2015

IC Station DS1307 Real Time Clock

In this tutorial, we will be using the IC Station DS1307 Real Time Clock Module. This will allow you to not only build a clock display, but add date and time stamping functions to your projects, so you know when

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IC Station DHT22 Temperature Humidity

This tutorial will teach you how to read temperature and humidity readings using the IC Station DHT22 Temperature & Humidity Module. Once you have those readings, you can calculate neat things like Heat Index and Dew Point, and by adding

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IC Station BMP180 Barometric Pressure

A while back we did a tutorial using the IC Station BMP085 Barometric Pressure Sensor. We wanted to do another tutorial using the newer BMP180, and the latest Unified Sensor Drivers from Adafruit. Another twist? We are using the Arduino

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Arduino Map: Floats or Ints?

The Arduino Map function is a very useful function. It allows you to map a input range from a analog sensor to another set of values. For instance, lets say we have a fuel gauge, with a varying resistance. We

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Debouncing Switches

Very often we need to connect some type of mechanical switch to an Arduino as an input device. Also very often, there is mechanical slop in a switch, so the arduino sees one activation of the switch as multiple activations.

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Collaborate, and Simulate!

As part of our new technical support service, we have been using a new tool called 123circuits. It’s an online circuit and arduino sketch simulator that allowed us to have multiple users online and sharing the same virtual breadboard and

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