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Month: January 2015

SainSmart L298N Motor Controller

I got a SainSmart 4WD Robot Kit, which contains the L298N Motor Controller. There’s not a lot of documentation of how to use this, and much of what exists by users of the board is just plain wrong. I put

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Optical Tachometer

A while back I discussed a IR emitter / detector pair, and talked about building a optical tachometer for determining the RPM of a fan or motor. So now I’m making good on that promise. Connect the emitter / detector

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CoPiino, The Melding of Arduino and Raspberry Pi

The CoPiino is a Arduino compatible Atmel 1284 based “shield” for the Raspberry Pi that allows remote editing and uploading of Arduino sketches using a web browser. Access the CoPiino app running on the Raspberry Pi with a web browser

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Preparing a Used SDCard for Raspberry Pi

I’m preparing a previously set up SDCard for Installing a CoPiino (Arduino Hat for Raspberry Pi). The problem is that Windows only recognizes the first partition on a SDCard. Here are the steps I took to remove the old Raspberry

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Interfacing an Old School 15 pin Joystick

Today I’m working with an older PC style 15 pin joystick. This predates the newer USB joysticks by a couple of decades, and makes it a lot easier to interface with the Arduino. I’m using a joystick shield that’s made

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Arduino Christmas Light Sequencer

I’ve always enjoyed watching those Youtube videos where someone has sequenced all their Christmas lights to music. Some are very elaborate. I wonder, what could I do with a Arduino and a SainSmart 8 relay board? I found a project

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