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Month: September 2014

Arduino Seismic / Vibration Sensor

Want to sense Earthquakes? Maybe equipment vibration? We have put together a quick and inexpensive project that will sense vibration. We use a Vibration sensor from Sparkfun, a SainSmart UNO, and a I2C LCD. We have created a bar graph

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Arduino Himalayan Salt Candle

Himalayan Salt Lights are really cool looking translucent salt “Rocks”. With a lightbulb inside, not only are they a soothing warm light, but they are supposed to give off Negative Ions that leave you refreshed. I have added a Arduino

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De-Soldering Can Be A Pain!

I typically hate de-soldering. Removing old parts, or re-working a new design can be tricky, as you can over heat a part, damage the board, etc. Well, I’ve been using a inexpensive manual vacuum tool for months now, and it

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The Under $5 Arduino

Next time you build a permanent project, don’t waste a $15-$30 Arduino board. You can get the same functionality of the Arduino UNO for less than $5 at https://amzn.to/2WFXTaN No usb or power onboard (requires 5v). Program it with an

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