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Month: March 2014

pcDuino, LAMP Server

Since I needed a mini LAMP (Linux / Apache / MYSQL / PHP) server, I dug out my older pcDuino for the job. There’s a Ubuntu image available at http://www.pcduino.com/?p=1892. pcDuino is a mini PC platform that runs a PC

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Why is Steve getting a Raspberry Pi?

I’ve been avoiding the Pi. I like the Arduino platform, and since I haven’t been pushing the limits of the Arduino’s capabilities, I didn’t see the need for a Pi. Well. I need a SQL database server for my Arduino

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RFID Access Control

Need to identify a RFID card, and allow access to a controlled space? Maybe log the time and date when a user swipes their card? Now you can with an inexpensive (<$10) RFID solution. Just supply a Arduino, and maybe

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We took the Neo-6M GPS module from a previous tutorial, added the LCD Rotary Encoder shield, and are displaying the GPS data (lon / lat, time / date, altitude, speed / heading) on the LCD. Turn the Rotary Encoder to

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The Arduino LCD Clock

Lots of projects require a battery backed time and date display or stamp. In this project we took a SainSmart DS1307 RTC Module and connected it to a SainSmart UNO & LCD Shield. We are displaying the date and time

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