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Month: February 2014

Web Based Weather Server Version 2

I have added a Barometric Pressure Sensor to our Web Based Weather Station, and added calculations for Heat Index and Dew Point. You can read about how to build the Weather Server at http://www.instructables.com/id/The-Super-Simple-Arduino-Weather-Web-Server/ and I will be adding the new features

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Power Over Ethernet – Powering Remote Arduino’s

Several of my projects use Ethernet to communicate data back to a server or internet connection. Our Web Enabled Weather Server for one. I’ve decided to power the remote arduino and sensor board over the ethernet connection. Common Power Over

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Sensing Barometric Pressure

Adafruit makes a nice barometric pressure sensor (BMP180), but their tutorial is designed for the BMP085 and does not compile on Arduino 1.05 It has a built in temperature sensor, and we calculate our current altitude, which is not exact,

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Installing Arduino 3rd Party Libraries

Libraries are pieces of code that commonly add functionality for specific pieces of hardware (can be software functions). Instead of putting all that code into your sketch, you can include and call a library that has the functions you need, passing

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