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Month: February 2014

SainSmart I2C LCD

It seems a lot of folks are having problems getting the SainSmart I2C LCD working. This is a shame, as the I2C LCD only uses 2 data lines, A4 (SDA) & A5 (SCL), on the UNO, or 20 (SDA) &

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ELEC Freaks LCD Key Shield

I’m playing with the ELEC Freaks LCD Key Shield, and this is a simple and fun to use Arduino Shield that contains a 2 line LCD, a rotary encoder,  a joystick, plus headers of unused pins for additional sensors. First,

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Arduino & uBlox Neo 6M GPS

A buddy of mine sent me a Neo 6M GPS module and said “figure it out”. Cool, I love projects like this. Also see our Raspberry Pi version! There are 4 connections, TX, RX, VCC and Gnd. I connected TX

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ICStation 8 Character, 7 Segment Display

ICStation sent us a 8 Character, 7 Segment Display driven by a MAX7219. There’s no documentation for this display, but a bit of googling found a library and a sample sketch that activated 4 of the 8 characters. The module

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