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Month: January 2014

Making Music with Old Floppy Drives

Get out your Arduino and a few old floppy drives, it’s time to make music. Here is the “Imperial March” from Star wars, and an Instructable on how accomplish such tasks! Become the Maker you were born to be. Try

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ARDUINO RF power & SWR meter

This sketch will readout RF power and SWR from any SWR bridge (for example ‘monimatch’ type). As this ‘monimatch’ type of bridge is frequency dependant, the meter must be calibrated for every band. Therefore, I have foreseen positions for 6m,

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Gob’s of Multi Color LED’s

I received my LED’s I ordered, and they are pretty awesome. Six different colors, but all clear till they light up. Very bright! $8 for 60 LED’s with resistors and free shipping on orders over $35. A lot of fun

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Nuts and Volts!

I’ve been a big fan of this magazine for years, and couldn’t wait to open the January 2014 issue. They introduced a new Arduino Classroom series, a wireless temperature sensor project and much more. Check out the Android App! Recommended!

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Calling all Farm Geeks!

A new community that pairs the Arduino microcontroller with agriculture and aquaculture is forming. Show off your greenhouse controllers and more. All open source. Ask your questions, share your experiences! Agduino Community   Become the Maker you were born to

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