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Month: October 2013

Arduino Bluetooth to Bluetooth Communication

Our Bluetooth project will have two Arduino’s talking to each other. This will allow us to have a weather station remote talk to the indoor display system. These modules only accept a 3.3v RX signal, so I added a voltage

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Arduino to MySQL Direct Part 2

Chuck has come out with an update to his MySQL connector – http://drcharlesbell.blogspot.com/2013/10/introducing-mysql-connectorarduino-100.html There is a new release of the Connector/Arduino on Launchpad! See https://launchpad.net/mysql-arduino. The new version supports a number of refinements and a few new features. These include:

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Arduino OBD-II Vehicle Diagnostics

A buddy of mine wants insight into how his vehicle is performing as he drives. He sent me a ArduinoDev ODB-II interface (model B) and said “figure it out”. So here we go! We will be exploring the onboard features in

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The Arduino VGA Interface

Many of our projects need more in the area of displaying data, so we are putting together a VGA interface. Now the Arduino is pretty under powered when it comes to producing a video signal. so we are using our

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