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Month: July 2013

DIY CNC / 3D Printer Safety Concerns

The folks at RS Components asked me to post this public service infographic, regarding safe design techniques. Good info when building things that have the ability to burn or main. Become the Maker you were born to be. Try Arduino

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SainSmart 1.8 LCD / DHT-22 Temp / Humidity

I now have a DHT-22 Temperature and humidity module matched up with the SainSmart 1.8 TFT LCD. The tricky part of this project was converting floats to strings for the display. If you don’t need decimal point precision, you may

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Introducing the SainSmart 1.8 SPI LCD

The SainSmart 1.8 SPI LCD module is a great little display. It uses 5 I/O pins (4 if using the Arduino Reset). It displays clear graphics and text, and has a microsd slot on the back. I connected the display as

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Introducing the SainSmart Uno

I received a box of goodies in UPS this week from SainSmart. I’ll be introducing each item I recieved, working up an example, and then mixing them up into fun and interesting projects. The first item I’d like to introduce

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