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Month: June 2013

Volt Meter & Temperature Monitor – Part 3

Well, not really a improvement over part 2, but now the whole instructable is listed complete on Instructables at http://www.instructables.com/id/Digital-Arduino-Voltmeter-with-Temperature/. I go more into details on design decisions, errors that came up during the process, etc. Please vote for the

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Volt Meter & Temperature Monitor – Part 2

I was unhappy with the previous version of this project, which used a TMP36 analog temperature sensor. The output moved around alot, up to 5 degrees, and wouldn’t stabilize. I replaced it with my favorite, the DS18B20 digital sensor. Now

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Arduino Sous Vide

Sous Vide cooking is the art of low temperature cooking in water, where the food is protected by a plastic bag. You don’t overheat the food, and it keeps all the juices and flavors in, preventing the food from drying

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Using Shift Registers Tutorial

Shift Registers can greatly expand the I/O capability of your microcontroller. This is the best tutorial I have even seen. Kevin has a great teaching voice / method that makes things clear. Subscribe to his youtube channel, and watch his

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AC Voltmeter and Temperature Monitor

I was asked to build a test jig for testing Honeywell Aquastats, and the two parameters that needed monitoring were voltage (12-16 vac), and temperature. I usually work with DC monitoring and DS18B20 digital temperature sensors, but this project called for monitoring AC,

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