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Month: February 2013


Some Arduino’s, like the Arduino Pro Mini, do not have an onboard usb interface. This is the case with our DIY minimal Arduino. So we built an adapter around a USB/FTDI interface. One feature we wanted was the auto reset

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The DIY Arduino

We have finished our DIY Arduino on a solderless breadboard, and are about to move it to a perfboard for adding additional project components. We wanted to share this stage of the project to make it easier for others to

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Breadboard Power Supplies

A important part of breadboarding is supplying the proper power to the circuits you are building. We prototype on solderless breadboards, then move the circuit to a solder type protoboard that matches the solderless breadboard. We do this to make

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Burning a Bootloader on New Atmel 328’s

We are in the process of building some projects with an embedded Arduino, instead of using a Arduino board. Hacktronics.com sent us some new Atmel 328-PU chips for this purpose. These chips are new, without a bootloader installed. The bootloader is

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