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Month: January 2013

Motion Sensors & SSR’s

A Motion Sensor is a good way to save energy, by turning lights on and off based on the presence of a warm body.  Walk into a room, the lights come on, walk out, and they go off. We can build in

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Temperature and Humidity Redux

A long while back (in a galaxy very far away), we built a temp and humidity monitor with the SHT-21 chip. It’s a very accurate, albeit very expensive, solution. What if good enough, is good enough? If you don’t need

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Working with the SainSmart 5v Relay Board

Today we are working with our SainSmart 5v Relay Board. This is a simple and inexpensive 4 port SPDT relay board (there are boards with more or less relays)  that takes a digital signal (LOW) from the Arduino, through an optoisolator, which triggers a

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Build the $15 Arduino

Since I don’t want to dedicate a $22 Arduino UNO [UPDATE: now $19] for every project (for space reasons, not price), I’ve started embedding a Atmel 328 chip into my projects. You can build your own Arduino UNO compatible for

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Working with Reed Relays

One of the main benefits of Physical Computing is being able to control your environment, not just monitor it. Transistors, MOSFETs, Solid State Relays, and Mechanical Relays all allow you to turn devices on and off based on inputs and

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