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Month: November 2012

Using a Keypad for Input

Keypads are handy for a variety of projects, from security access to telephone dialing. In this tutorial, we use a Adafruit membrane keypad, and output the button presses to the serial monitor. Nothing fancy, just a platform for future development.

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EtherShield SD Card Access

Since I was playing with my EtherShield SD, I figured I’d load up the example sketch “CardInfo” in the SD folder. I popped in the microSD card from my digital camera, and it started listing the files on my card

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Simple Ethernet

This is the first in a series of Ethernet projects. This first project will display the values coming from the analog ports in a web browser on a remote machine. Additional posts will cover controlling the Arduino from a web browser, and reading and

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Producing DTMF Tones

I wanted to teach my Arduino to talk telephone, so I added a HT9000A DTMF chip to produce the familiar “touch tones” (upcoming projects will act upon “heard” DTMF tones, but with a different chip). The output is really low

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Using pull up / pull down resistors

Pull up and pull down resistors are used to eliminate floating inputs. Normally a input is either connected to a high (on), or a low (off). But if the input is not connected to anything, it’s “floating” and can read

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