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Month: October 2012

Morse “Paddle” Keyer

Building on our previous “simple” piezo beep sketch, I now introduce a Morse “Paddle” Keyer. It contains two buttons, one timed for a 60ms dot, the other for a 180ms dash. It uses the tone() command to activate the Piezo,

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Fun with Piezo’s

I’ve created a simple beeping alarm with a Piezo transducer. Connect the Piezo + to pin 9, and the Piezo – to Gnd. Run the following sketch. Next version will be using the tone() command to build a Morse Code

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New 32-bit, 84MHz Arduino Due

Hot off the presses, this is a big jump in speed and power for the Arduino community. No longer an 8bit Atmel at heart, there is a powerful ATSAM3X8E processor beating at the core of this Arduino. Compatible with 3.3v

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Stepper Motor Controller – Part 2

Continuing our saga from Part 1, We finished soldering up the controller shield with all the components. We have downloaded the library, and have connected the stepper motor. The motor has 4 wires, which we have attached to the M1/M2

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Stepper Motor Controller

You don’t need a fancy shield to control motors, but sometimes they are handy. This unit works with steppers, servos, and even regular dc motors. This is stage one in our Stepper Motor Controller project. We are assembling the Motor

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