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Month: August 2012

Light Sensors

A Light Sensor generates an output signal indicating the intensity of light by measuring the radiant energy that exists in a very narrow range of frequencies basically called “light”, and which ranges in frequency from “Infrared” to “Visible” up to

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The Arduino Wifi Shield is finally here!

Finally, a TCP/IP WIFI “co-processor”. Takes all the load off the arduino, and can run independently. From http://arduino.cc/blog/2012/08/16/the-arduino-wifi-shield-is-now-available/ We’ve been working for a while on this new wifi shield for Arduino that is quite different from what you can find

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Sensors & Detectors

Detectors in science In order to study anything in science, you must first be able to detect it. The most interesting things, of course, are those that we can detect with our own senses. We then use devices to amplify

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Digispark, the tiny “Arduino”

Digispark: We set out to build a little brother to the wonderful Arduino line of development boards – we were tired of leaving our valuable Arduino’s behind in projects, or worse, ripping apart old projects to build new ones! We also felt

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