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Month: June 2012

LCD / Keypad Shield

We are building a thermostat to control our furnace and A/C. We are using a DFRobot LCD / Keypad shield we received from Hacktronics.com to display the temperature, and to set the temperature ranges for both the heating and cooling

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Arduino to Mitutoyo Interface

We have produced a few more Mitutoyo to Arduino interface boards. This is a simplified version for a variety of micrometer and caliper to computer applications, from datalogging to CNC or milling machine control. Get the full code and schematics,

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Text to Speech

We have been playing with text to speech again. We used a Sparkfun voice box shield that includes the popular SpeakJet chip. The issue is that you have to code “phonetic” allophones to tell it what to say. It won’t

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Amp Hour Meter moves to protoboard

Our Amp / Watt Hour Meter (we need a snazzy name for it!) has moved from solderless breadboard to a more permanent protoboard. We have drilled holes all the way through the protoboard for the ring terminals to the load

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TCRT5000 IR Emitter/Sensor

I finished the carrier board for our tachometer project. This is simply the TCRT5000 IR emitter/sensor module, with the 150 ohm resistor for the IR LED, and the 10k ohm resistor for the phototransistor, as described in http://arduinotronics.blogspot.com/2012/06/reflective-optical-sensor-with.html I used

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Ground Voltage Signal Wiring Standard

The Gnd / Voltage / Signal (GVS) standard is very popular in the Arduino world, and consists of a 3 pin header, where Gnd and Signal are on the ends, and Voltage is the center pin. This helps by making

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