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Month: April 2012

Voltage Monitor

Now that we have the current monitor working, the next step is to build the voltage monitor circuit. I built a voltage divider that will break down the highest voltage my battery can possibly see, into a 0-5v input for

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Monitoring Power Consumption with the ACS715

We needed a power meter for monitoring power consumption of our ham radio’s when in emergency communications mode (no grid). Although you can get these commercially, from the fully featured off grid power system capable Bogart Trimetric, to the single

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Gas Sensor Tutorial

We just received a bunch of MQ Series Gas Sensors. These inexpensive sensors include: MQ2 – Flammable Gas & Smoke MQ3 – Alcohol MQ4 – Methane MQ5 – LPG / Natural Gas MQ6 – LPG / IsoButane / Propane MQ7 –

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