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Month: March 2012

Arduino to VGA

I’ve previously posted about our micrometer to VGA project, and wanted to post an updated picture of that finished project in production. It’s a gear mic’ing station that takes 3 samples of a gear, rejects the gear if the samples

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The Arduino Thermostat

I’ve talked about this before, but since I just built another one last week, I thought I’d reshare this project, as it has a slight twist. The idea is to select the temperature you want with a potentiometer, and display

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Circuit Lab – Sketch, simulate, and share schematics

For Students & Educators Draw and print beautiful schematics for lab reports. In-browser simulations make it easy to quickly learn electronics concepts via just-for-fun playing and guided exploration. Our tools complement undergraduate and graduate electrical engineering classes, as well as

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Fun with Servos

I recently received two HXT900 servos to play with. I used the sample servo code included in the Arduino IDE, that allows me to control the servo position with a potentiometer. The pot is connected to the arduino, with the

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Light Sensing with a CdS (LDR)

A Cadmium Sulfide (CdS) sensor is a Light Dependent Resistor (LDR). It is a resistor that reduces resistance when hit with light. The more light, the lower the resistance. The Arduino is ideal for monitoring one of these sensors, and

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Arduino 1.0 upgrades

We have been going through our old sketches, making sure they are Arduino 1.0 friendly. Most of the sketches are, and we have been upgrading any libraries that were not. Please check frequently as we post new upgrades. This weekend

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