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Month: October 2010

Arduino Shield Database

A master list of plugin “shields” for the Arduino family. Everything from display shields, ethernet, wifi, even sound and data logging. Over 100 and still increasing. Check it out!   Sick of trying to figure out which pins are used

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Free Arduino UNO!

In cooperation with Hacktronics.com, we are giving away a free Arduino UNO to one lucky subscriber of our Arduino discussion group. Tell your friends, join the group, and discuss all things Arduino. If the giveaway is popular, we may continue

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Add Speech capability to your Arduino

Give your Arduino the ability to talk with the Speakjet Chip! From http://www.practicalarduino.com/projects/speech-synthesizer: Synthesized speech was for a long time the Holy Grail of computing, and back in the 1980s when a 4MHz CPU made your computer the fastest machine

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Building a Furnace Flame Sensor

Using a Arduino as a furnace or boiler controller is fairly simple. You need a thermostat, a flame sensor, and a set of relays (electromechanical or solid state) to control the blower or circulator(s), and fuel pump if using fuel

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State of Electronics – Trailer

This is a fantastic trailer, can’t wait for the full movie. Australian in focus, but apropos for the rest of us as well. “The discussion is focused initially on the world of Hobby Electronics and how it’s decline could effect

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Analog Switch Expands I2C Interface

What to do when you have two I2C devices with the same address? Need additional I2C channels? Here’s a easy to use analog switch to enable 3 separate I2C channels. A MAX4562 and a handful of pullup resistors might be

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