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Month: September 2010

Arduino – X10 Communications

From http://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/X10 This library enables you to send and receive X10 commands from an Arduino module. X10 is a synchronous serial protocol that travels over AC power lines, sending a bit every time the AC power crosses zero volts. It’s

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Arduino Temp / Humidity Video

We put together a quick video explaining our Arduino / Temp Humidity monitor to go along with our Instructable. We now have the barometric pressure and real time clock modules to upgrade the main unit, and will be working on

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How to build our weather station

I put a instructable up on how to build our weather station. I will be adding / editing the instructable as the project evolves. This is the current version which includes the temperature and humidity functions. Barometric pressure and time

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3.3v regulator for our Arduino I2C projects

We are using the onboard 3.3v output on our Arduino board to run the SHT21 temp/humidity sensor. It’s limited to 50 ma, so we are building a 100ma circuit, using the LE33CZ-TR voltage regulator, and two capacitors. We are using

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Arduino “Uno” is ready! (and more)

A new replacement for the Duemilanove called the “Uno” (easier to pronounce, thank you), a new usb-serial adapter (with Arduino USB Vendor ID), the new Arduino Mega 2560, Tinker Toolkit (modular system of sensors and actuators) and more! From http://arduino.cc/blog/2010/09/24/dinner-is-ready/

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